Aircraft overview:

Type: Single Electric Motor, Fixed Wing

Power source: Lithium-Polymer Battery 

Survey altitude: 30m – 300m | 98ft – 984ft

Cruise speed: 12m/s | 27MPH | 43km/h | 23kn

Flight Time: Up to 45 minutes (dependent on environmental conditions)

Max Takeoff weight: 5.5lbs | 2.5kg

Operating temperature: 14F – 140F | -10C - 60C

Telemetry data link: 433MHz Europe or 915MHz North / South America

Emergency override control frequency: 2.4GHz

Aircraft technical parameters:

Endurance: 100m | 328ft alt, visual camera, 70% image overlap: Approximately 300 acres

Wingspan: 1.5m | 4.9ft

Length: 1.3m | 4.3ft

Operational Sound Intensity at Altitude: Approx. 40dB

Computation: 720 MHz Dual-Core Linux CPU

Embedded Processing: 1 CPUs

Speed (Cruise): 12-16m/s | 43.2-57.6km/h | 26.8-35.8mph

Max Speed: 25m/s | 90km/h | 55.9mph

Max Wind (Flight): 12.5m/s | 45km/h | 27.9mph

Max Wind (Data Collection): 10m/s | 36km/h | 22.4mph

Max Ascent Rate- 10 m/s

Max Descent Rate- 8 m/s

Max Tilt Angle- 25 degrees

Tested Temp Range: -10C to 60C | 14F to 140F

Maximum operating altitude MSL: 13,123ft (4,000m)

Operational tempo:

Takeoff Distance:

Hand Launch: 0m | 0ft run, 40m | 131ft climb out (distance to 40m | 131ft alt)

Water Launch: 10m | 32.8ft run, 40m | 131ft climb out

Landing Distance:

Min Approach Distance: 200m | 656ft

Landing rollout (distance to stop from touchdown): 2m | 6.6ft (land), 3m | 9.8ft (Water), 6m | 19.7ft (snow)

Ground Control Station:

The ground control station will include a single computer in communications contact with the vehicle system. This station will primarily act as an information conduit to the operators with little manual control as the nominal vehicle operations will be fully autonomous.

A Futaba-compatible RC transmitter is used to provide remote control capabilities and manual override for the vehicle